Hello All,

After the last server crash, Our PayPal Payment plugin has experienced a technical glitch.

There is a problem with automatic activation of the subscription after payment. So we can activate the account only after verifying who paid the amount coming into our paypal account.
Sometimes no notification comes from PayPal. This will delay your account activation. Forgive us for this.

So to avoid this delay, after paying the subscription, give me the information in Private Message [PM]. Or wait patiently.
Your account will be activated for sure.

Some members who have great faith in us have paid their subscription and waited. We Had to check PayPal account late due to personal work & We activated their account only late.

Thanks to those members who believed in us.


We have decided to freely admit new members (Open Registration) into our site after the upcoming Diwali or Pongal.
So Before that, we are making some changes to the site. Maximum Releases are delayed due to ongoing work on it. Forgive us for that too.


Rabbit & Friendz