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Changes for this year 2021 : -

Due to some changes in the server. so, we are reducing the Daily Limit from ''20 Thanks to 15 Thanks'' this year.
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This causing no harm to anyone.

Awareness (Must Read it) : -

Some Fraudsters try to copy old Audios CDs and sell them as new. Prices range from Rs.400 to Rs.550 per CD.
The Biggest Scam of Greedy Persons. It's Not Worth.
The Songs that is on that fake CD is Original.
Becoz, They copied songs from an old Audio CD.
CDs of some companies, in particular like, Pyramid Audio, Oriental Records, Ayngaran, Prince Musik, RT, Eknaath, Ramiy Records & More..,
These fake CDs are made in Tamil Nadu.

Most of these companies discontinued their products in 2000s To 2010.
Of these, only Remiy Records produces the latest movie audio CDs in fake and poor quality.
they (Ramiy Records) are copied from ''Youtube Jukebox'' Songs. But the quality of the old Movies ACDs is good.

So this fake work is going on, targeting the people who are collecting the Audio CDs.
So don’t be fooled if you have any friends collecting CDs. I've bought 2 Audio CDs describe it. I Will Share It.

// Do not be fooled either. Tell your friends (Audio CD Collectors) \\