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Thread: Important Announcement About Vinyl Releases!!

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    Exclamation Important Announcement About Vinyl Releases!!

    Hello All.,

    First of all sorry...!
    Because we stopped sharing vinyl rips on our site.


    For the past 4 years I have been offering vinyl rips of songs (430+ Albums) as cheaply as I can at the highest quality.
    Members who have traveled with us since the beginning know this.

    Only those who own vinyl know how long it takes to record an album and then mastering it.
    Mastering a song takes about 30 minutes.
    If there is any error while recording the song, it should be re-recorded.
    It is through such difficulties that every single vinyl song is created.

    In this way, I used to offer my hard worked songs for a cheap subscription fee [Rs.500/15 Albums Per Day].

    But some people have wasted my efforts by sharing the songs that I give here on social media for free without understanding the difficulty of this.
    Some people are still selling our site vinyl & cd rips.

    There is such a site. Not one mentions our site name that there are plenty of vinyl albums out there for Rs.500.
    They hide the existence of such a site from anyone.

    What's worse is that they have painstakingly recorded these vinyl songs themselves and claim to be sharing them.
    They say to others, "We record songs and give them away for free, but TamilStyleZ is a business site."

    And they are propagating the Releases of our site as fake. But all that is shared there are songs from our site.

    Some users, After collecting songs on our site, some of them blackmailed me.

    There are some people on our site who help them by giving them songs. Recently, It is for these reasons that I further reduced the daily limit.

    Those intellectuals call me businessmen. For last 2 years just only 35 members are active on our site daily. Our members know this too.
    I don't know how many lakhs we earned from them.!!?

    I don't want to waste my time and hard work making any more vinyl albums and giving them cheap here.

    They called me a businessman.!!

    That's what I'm going to do from now on. I'm a businessman from now on when it comes to vinyl albums.
    We have created a special site for that purpose. Our New Music Shop Site :
    All future vinyl albums will be released exclusively on that site only.

    Vinyl albums are good. For those interested, go to the site ( and listen to the sample track first. Then buy it if you like it.
    We do not force anyone to buy vinyl albums. It doesn't matter if no one buys it. Let it be like that.

    ACD Rips and Digital Rips will continue to be Released on our TamilStyleZ as usual.

    The real current members who have supported us since the beginning and traveled with us will be affected now. It is sad to say this. Members forgive me for this.

    For Members who have paid a One-Year subscription for Vinyl Releases:-

    This Subscribers need not worry. As many months of subscription as you have left, we have converted it into VIP Package and Extended it.
    Becoz, We don't want to deceive anyone.

    Recent Changes:

    ** Exclusive Package [Rs.250] Removed & Its Access Merged with 24BIT Package [500 INR]

    If you have any doubts or confusion feel free to PM me directly.

    - Rabbit

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