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  1. People Like Us (Lakeshore Records) [2012-ACDRip-WAV]
  2. The Lord of the Rings (LOTR) [2008-ACDRip-WAV]
  3. Viceroy_s House (Filmtrax Audio) [2017-ACDRip-WAV]
  4. Joker (Warner Bros) [2020-ACDRip-WAV]
  5. Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (Warner Bros) [2005-ACDRip-WAV]
  6. Aliens- The Deluxe Edition (Varèse Sarabande) [1987-ACDRip-WAV]
  7. The Da Vinci Code (Universal Music) [2006-ACDRip-WAV]
  8. Step Up Revolution (Interscope Records) [2012-ACDRip-WAV]
  9. Love & Love Only (Juvi Digital Co) [2016-ACDRip-WAV]
  10. Iron Man 2 (Sony Music) [2010-ACDRip-WAV]
  11. Shakira (Sony Music) [2014-ACDRip-WAV]
  12. DANGEROUS (Sony Music) [1991-ACDRip-WAV]
  13. Madonna - I'm Breathless (Sire Music) [1990-ACDRip-WAV]
  14. Aqua - Aquarium (Universal Music) [1997-ACDRip-WAV]
  15. 2Pacalypse Now (Interscrope Records) [1991-ACDRip-WAV]
  16. Greatest Hits By Enrique Iglesias (Interscope Records [2008-ACDRip-WAV]
  17. Timbaland - Shock Value (Interscope Records) [2007-ACDRip-WAV]
  18. Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone (Atlantic Records) [2001-ACDRip-WAV]
  19. A Girl Like Me (Def Jam Recordings) [2006-ACDRip-WAV]
  20. Anti - Rihanna (Universal Music) [2016-ACDRip-WAV]
  21. Couples Retreat (Saregama) [2009-ACDRip-WAV]
  22. Million Dollar Arm (Walt Disney Records) [2014-ACDRip-WAV]
  23. Tattoos - Jason Derulo (Sony Music) [2014-ACDRip-WAV]